Friday, August 1, 2008

2007-08 The Cup Break - Card by Card

Okay, well in my mailbox was a fresh tin of The Cup.  The plastic packaging is off and the cover is about to be lifted.  I'll break it card by card.

Here we go:

Card #1 is....  Bernie Parent base card /299.  Not bad.  A great goaltender in his day for the Flyers.  I can also tell that there appears to be 5 cards in this pack.  I believe you're guaranteed 4 cards so hopefully I get something a little special or a nice Montreal Canadien (not Michael Ryder though).

Sliding Bernie Parent out of the way....
Card #2 is...  Curtis McElhinney RC Patch (black) Autograph /249.  A Calgary Flames goaltending prospect.  I can't say much about him as I don't know much about him other than he's got one of the best in front of him before he could be called a starter.  He does have a nice autograph though.  Hopefully, he turns out to be a player.

Sliding Curtis out of the way...
Card #3 is...  this could be interesting, I see Mario Lemieux's face.  I've never rec'd an autograph of his before... fingers crossed... BEAUTIFUL!  A Mario Lemieux Limited Logos Auto Patch /50.  The patch is gold/black/white with stitching/black.  And his auto is very stylish.  Now I know what one looks like in my own hands.  Sweet.  The final two cards are just a bonus after this.

Sliding Mario slowly out of the way...
Card #4 is...  a Martin Brodeur Gold Jersey card /25 (white).  Pretty boring.  I've never been a Brodeur fan.  In my opinion, his statistics are just a product of the defensive trap system played by New Jersey.  He'll never match Patrick Roy in my eyes.

Moving Brodeur out of the way... final card...
Card #5 is... Rob Schremp Magenta Printing Plate 1/1.  Very nice!  A plate from UD MVP, I believe.  A solid Edmonton Oilers prospect.  The Oilers could have an exciting team this year.  

All in all, a very solid pack.  An auto/patch of one of the greatest to ever play.  A 1/1 printing plate, and three goalies.  Never a bad thing when you play nets yourself.   :)  No Habs though... another time. 

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