Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2008-09 UD SPx Box Break

The new Upper Deck 2008-09 SPx was released last week and I picked up a box today.  I hear lots of rumblings about a poor rookie class but I think that's foolish.  There are too many blue-chip prospects this year and 40 games don't make or break a career.

The SPx base cards aren't overly appealing.  They have a busy design which take away from the sharp, striking photography.  Too many lines, streaks and colours.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I do like the SPx Rookies design, much better than last year.  The Winning Material cards fall somewhere in the middle.  They're somewhat geometric and give the effect of depth. 

Now on to the break:

The Hits:
SPxcitement - Patrick Roy & Martin Brodeur /999
Winning Materials Michael Ryder Dual Jersey (red/blue)
Winning Combos Rod Langway/Larry Robinson Dual Jersey (white/white)
SPx Rookies - Jonas Frogren /499
SPx Rookies Dual Jersey (blue/blue) Ryan Jones /1299
SPx Rookies Dual Jersey/Auto (blue/blue) Derrick Brassard /999
Winning Materials Radiance Dual Jersey/Auto (white/white) Rod Langway /25

Love the Habs.  Love the Langways.  Love the Brassard.
No complaints on this break.

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