Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Sports Card of the Day

While at the Sports Card Expo in Toronto, I was lucky enough to pull a Made To Order Dual Autograph from In The Game Ultimate 8th Edition. The list of potential autograph signers was impressive and I debated over a combination of Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Jean Beliveau, and Martin Brodeur before deciding on the goaltenders.

After a few weeks of deciding and about 6 weeks waiting for them to create the card, I received it last week. It's a 1/1 dual autograph of two of the best goaltenders ever... but I think they were low on Patrick Roy autographs so it appears to be a sticker auto and not the same as the normal autographs which are normally used on these cards. So while a phenomenal card, it isn't as aesthetically pleasing as I would have hoped. Still... a once-in-a-lifetime card that I shouldn't complain about. :)

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