Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awesome Card of the Week

2008-09 ITG Between The Pipes was one of the best products released last season. In 2009-10, it's much the same. And that's a very good thing. From a box last week, I pulled this:

A Complete Package (jersey/glove/stick/pad) of Pelle Lindbergh is a dream card for anyone's collection. This is the silver version which is /19 and regardless of my loyalties, Lindbergh is a goaltender who should be in everyone's personal collection.

Even as a Habs fan, I felt great sadness when Lindbergh died in the mid-1980's in the prime of his career. The fact that we can still honour his career with spectacular cards like this is a great thing about our hobby.


reoddai said...

I know that Lindbergh GU pieces are highly sought after in the hobby. There are several high end collectors who are willing to pay big money for his stuff.

But could you elaborate on why you think that "Lindbergh is a goaltender who should be in everyone's personal collection"? Ive been reading his biographies from websites, but as far as I can tell he had one Rookie good season. Near the beginning of the next season, he got behind the wheel of his car while stinking drunk and plowed himself into a wall.

Pete Petters helped get his team to the Stanley Cup finals in his first year (78-79) but also lost in the last series. He was also awarded the Vezina in the second year of its new award status when it was awarded to the Goalie voted the best, rather than the lowest GAA? I was too young to see either of these two in action, but how/why should I distinguish Lindbergh from other one-time Vezina trophy winners, like Pete Peeters?

dogfacedgremlin said...

Because the IronLung has spoken...and this is his blog.

I agree to an extent with reoddai...I think he was an ok goalie with some upside but we will never know.

That card is freakin' sweet, though!!

TheIronLung said...

Agreed. Lindbergh ruined his own life. And he only had one superb season. I can see where you're coming from... here's where I'm coming from...

It's the unrealized potential which makes his story lasting. Think about it. 25 years later and people still talk about this guy.

Pete Peeters was a good goalie for a number of years but overall, fairly forgettable. He's Mike Liut except he had a better team in front of him.

Lindbergh died at the top of the game. A Vezina trophy and a Stanley Cup Finals appearance. A great start to the next season and then his death. He was also one of the first major goaltending stars from Sweden to make it big in the NHL.

In collecting terms, his game-used equipment is rare so the scarcity helps in that area as well.

Never knowing how good he could have been... plus the virtual failure of Flyer goalies (except for a few good seasons from Hextall) for a quarter of a century since then... has turned him in a legend which he never even had the chance to become.

reoddai said...

Thanks for the elaboration. Still, It would have been nice to see if Lindbergh could have built on that first season. Guess we'll never know.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

Cant even compare with Pete Peeters. As someone allready has pointed out we now know Peeters future career, while Lindbergh could have done anything really. Also the tragic fact why that something never happened is a reason in itself to honor this individual. Me as a swede sure would have liked to know how team Sweden would have fared in the 1987 and 1991 Canada Cups with him in the net.