Monday, October 10, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway - Order #2

My second order from the Topps Diamond Giveaway focused more on memories than value.

Growing up in Canada, the Blue Jays were my team. A distant second were the Montreal Expos.

My favourite player was Dave Stieb and he ended up being one of the best pitchers of the 1980's

Although none of these cards are high value cards, they're great additions to my collection. Players who had some great years with the Blue Jays such as Buck Martinez, Lloyd Moseby, Rance Mulliniks, and Cliff Johnson. Some other great Expos like Warren Cromartie and Tim Wallach.

It's fun to see their stats. When you cheer for them so long ago, sometimes you can forget how good (or bad) they actually were until you check out the stats on the back of the cards.

A great trip down memory lane.

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