Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2010-11 UD Ultimate Hockey Break

I'm one of the many collectors who are not fans of the new Upper Deck distribution policy. In my opinion, Upper Deck is taking on the internet... and that's a war that no company will win in the long run.

The policy has resulted in fewer Upper Deck purchases on my end. However, since I was already committed to a few packs of 2010-11 UD Ultimate Collection Hockey before the policy came into effect, I'm not the type of person to turn my back on some busting.

The first pack was uneventful until the final card. A Jason Spezza base card /399, a Jamie Arniel RC /399, a Chris Stewart Ultimate Signature, all fine but not worthy of a big smile... and then, my favourite goalie of them all.  A Patrick Roy dual jersey/autograph /25!!!

There's no way I could match that with Pack #2, right?


Again, it was an uneventful beginning. A Ron Hextall base card /399, a Brandon Pirri RC /399, a redemption which I didn't look at closely, and a Debut Threads jersey of Ian Cole /200. When I took a closer look at the redemption card, the interest turned to a grin turned to a smile. An Ultimate Signatures Sidney Crosby autograph redemption card!  My first SC87 auto!

Two great hits. Yes!
Will it make me buy more Upper Deck. No!


Bill said...

What is the new distribution policy that you don't like? Nice pulls by the way.

TheIronLung said...

If an online store doesn't have an actual physical location, UD won't allow the online store to have access to new products until 90 days after their release.