Monday, March 12, 2012

More Than Half Done!

It's always a great feeling when you're putting together a set and you've passed the half-way point.

Until then, it's all up-hill. Especially when it's an older set. It's not like you can go to the corner store, buy a few packs, and luck into the remaining commons.

I've been slowly putting together an ungraded, low-grade 1956 Topps Baseball set. It's a great set because the design is top-notch, it contains an unbelievable number of superstar Hall-of-Famers (except for Stan Musial), and it's possible to find most of the needed cards with time and patience.

Today, I received an eBay lot of cards from an American seller which put me over the half-way mark. The set has 340 cards plus 2 un-numbered checklists, so 342 in total. I now have 183 cards in the set! Only 159 to go!

As you can see, the cards are low-grade. But these three cards above book for $525 in near-mint condition. I was able to get these three plus about 10 more for only $50.

I felt low-grade was the way to go from the beginning.

Graded cards by PSA cost too much. If I purchased ungraded cards in great condition, I'd always be worried that they'd be fake. But with low-grade cards, there is a sense of security. I don't mind if my New York Yankees Team Card has extremely soft corners or if my Duke Snider is full of creases. In the grand scheme, I'm pretty damn happy that I own these cards. Period!

I still have some big names to acquire. Hank Aaron. Sandy Koufax. Yogi Berra. And lots of commons.

On the bright side though, I've already got The Mick!


Anonymous said...

hi, not sure how to contact you through your site, so here I am on your latest post. I googled Black Diamond Markov, as I am trying to find a gold quad jersey of his, 08/09 to complete my set. So far, only at 41/98. I just checked out your extensive Markov collection and noticed you have one! Would you be interested in selling it?
My email is

all the best,

Commishbob said...

My '59 set was built exactly as your '56, mid- to low- condition unslabed beauties. Not only do I not have to worry about fakes but I can just sit and leaf through all those colorful pages like God intended a set to be viewed.

Have lots of luck and even more fun in your efforts to finish it off. The '56 is a wonderful set.

TheIronLung said...

To Anonymous - Sorry, it's part of my Markov collection and my only one. Good luck.

To Commishbob - Thanks for the comment. It's fun to put together such an old set. If and when I complete it, I'll look for another older set... maybe 1955 or 1963.