Thursday, September 10, 2009

1972 - The Year In Hockey Review

"1972 - The Year In Hockey" from In The Game (Six packs)

ITG brings to the table "1972 – The Year In Hockey". This is the year that collectors selected in a poll carried out earlier this year by the company. The 200-base card set includes two retro checklist cards and features players from the NHL, the WHA and the Summit Series. Part of the base card set is a ten-card subset featuring the MVPs from each game of that legendary series and the tournament MVPs from each country. Also included in this set are cut signatures from celebrities and important people who thrived in 1972 such as Pierre Trudeau and Al Pacino.

The base cards bring a collector straight back to the 1970's. The haircuts, the moustaches, and even the font for the text. One of the best things about this set is the chance for new collectors to learn about hockey from a different era. The average collector will know many players on the base cards... but a lot of these players are unknowns to the average fan of today.

There are approximately 150 autographs (all hard-signed) in this set and numerous memorabilia cards as well. In The Game also brings back the popular Masked Men insert series as well as the He Shoots He Scores points redemption program which allow collectors to receive a special memorabilia card for every 200 points collected. I was fortunate enough to pull two hard-signed autographs and one Masked Men card in my six packs. Do I know anything about these players? No. Will I in a few minutes? Most definitely.

"1972 - The Year In Hockey" - A must buy! 18 packs per box with a solid chance at 3 autos and 1 jersey card per box... not to mention the hockey education that awaits.

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