Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fleer Ultra 2009-10 Review

Fleer Ultra 2009-10 Hockey from Upper Deck (Two packs)

Yes, Upper Deck seems to own everything these days... even the time honoured O-Pee-Chee. But they have on great eye for design, especially for this years Fleer Ultra.

The base cards have a very sharp design as do the rookie cards which are inserted one in every four packs. As with products which appear early in the year, the rookie card crop is rarely special, although there is an opportunity for rookie redemptions which will no doubt feature players such as John Tavares, Cody Hodgson, and Victor Hedman.

Inserted within each pack is a gold medallion card which is a coloured variation of the base card. I was also lucky enough to pull a Ultra Uniformity jersey card of Marek Svatos of the Colorado Avalanche. Although the odds are one in every twelve packs, I was lucky enough to pull one in my two packs.

Overall, Fleer Ultra is an inexpensive product with a solid design and good player selection. The price range is at the high-end of the low-end market but I definitely enjoy it more than UD Victory or UD MVP.

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