Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1,000 Point NHL Player Autographs - #43 Bernie Nicholls

Sometimes teammates click!

Of course, it's a lot easier when your teammate is named Wayne Gretzky.

Bernie Nicholls was a good player on the Los Angeles Kings during the mid-1980's and scored 40+ goals on two occasions. However, in 1988-89, during Wayne Gretzky's first season in Los Angeles, Nicholls put on one hell of a show. During that season, Bernie Nicholls scored 70 goals and 80 assists in 79 games. He became one of only 8 players in NHL history to score 70 goals in one season and one of only 5 to score 150 points.

With 1,209 points (475 goals, 734 assists) in 1,127 games, Bernie Nicholls had a great career. However, now 13 years into his retirement, it looks as if the Hall of Fame will not be calling.

From 2006-07 Upper Deck Parkhurst Hockey comes this stylish hard-signed autograph of Nicholls during his time with the Los Angeles Kings. Easily available in the $5 range, I won this card recently on eBay. Although he played for 6 teams during his 17-year career, Nicholls will always be remembered for that one magic season in the City of Angels.

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