Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia 8 - Pack Break

These caught my eye at the Expo but with an approximate cost of $150CDN/pack and $750CDN/box, they were just out of my price range.  On the weekend, I was lucky enough to win a pack on eBay for $78US.  In The Game has rarely, if ever, let me down.  So here we go.  One pack.  Three cards.  Fingers crossed for something fun.

First card:
Joe Thornton - Ultimate Base Card - Silver /90

The base cards are quite dynamic.  A nice change from recent years.

Second Card:
Alexei Cherepanov - New Millenium First Rounders - Silver /40 - Auto/Jersey(white)

A beautiful card, striking design, and an interesting signature.  The recently deceased Cherepanov will always be remembered in hockey circles for his unfortunate death in Russia during a game a few months ago.  His vast potential will never be known.  I'm quite happy with this card.

Third Card:
Joe Sakic - Ultimate Stick Rack - Silver /24

Cool!  My first Stick Rack card.  To get one of a sure-thing HOF'er is even better.  Unfortunately, the stick piece is non-descript.  It looks like a long line of yellow-ish plastic/glue.   Too bad he doesn't play with a wooden stick.  Still, it's a nice addition to the collection.

Fall Sports Card Expo 2008 - Toronto (Update)

My full recap will follow soon.  I've been laying low due to a cold which has struck me down since the end of the Expo.  I received a nice package in the mail today so I'll do a pack break in a few minutes.  Then my next task, after posting the break, will be my Expo Update.