Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2008-09 UD SPx Box Break

The new Upper Deck 2008-09 SPx was released last week and I picked up a box today.  I hear lots of rumblings about a poor rookie class but I think that's foolish.  There are too many blue-chip prospects this year and 40 games don't make or break a career.

The SPx base cards aren't overly appealing.  They have a busy design which take away from the sharp, striking photography.  Too many lines, streaks and colours.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I do like the SPx Rookies design, much better than last year.  The Winning Material cards fall somewhere in the middle.  They're somewhat geometric and give the effect of depth. 

Now on to the break:

The Hits:
SPxcitement - Patrick Roy & Martin Brodeur /999
Winning Materials Michael Ryder Dual Jersey (red/blue)
Winning Combos Rod Langway/Larry Robinson Dual Jersey (white/white)
SPx Rookies - Jonas Frogren /499
SPx Rookies Dual Jersey (blue/blue) Ryan Jones /1299
SPx Rookies Dual Jersey/Auto (blue/blue) Derrick Brassard /999
Winning Materials Radiance Dual Jersey/Auto (white/white) Rod Langway /25

Love the Habs.  Love the Langways.  Love the Brassard.
No complaints on this break.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Awesome Card of the Week

This is a classic card from 95-96 Pinnacle of former Washington Capital Olaf Kolzig.  How often do you see goaltenders without their masks on hockey cards... and how many of them spell their first name on their hotdog with mustard?

Expo Update

Well, the time for a useful and timely Expo update has passed.  Here are some random thoughts:

1.  Always wear comfortable shoes, bring a back-pack with supplies and snacks, and don't dress too warmly... it's normally room temperature whether it's November or May.

2.  Always look around for better deals.  Never take the first dealer as the best price.  I wandered the Expo on Saturday and saw 2008 SPx Baseball at three different tables.  One for $240, one for $160, and one for $100.  Guess which one I bought.  And imagine how sick I would have felt if I purchased the $240 box and saw the $100 box later.  I'm doubting that dealers allow for returns on unopened boxes.

3.  Prices change through-out the day and the weekend.  If something is too high on Friday, it might be lower on Sunday.  And vice versa on the hot products.  Some dealers want to move product on Sunday so it never hurts to make an offer, especially if you're buying more than one thing.

4.  The Expo Redemption Programs are fun and you get a nice bonus... but the line-ups can be tedious unless you have a friend with you.  However, it's a good way to meet fellow collectors if you are social.  My Upper Deck redemptions were less than special but a friend of mine lucked into a Wayne Gretzky auto #/5.  He was offered $600 on the spot.  (He turned it down)

5.  The autograph guests during the 3 days are numerous and span many sports.  It can be cheap or expensive depending on the player.  If you're from a place where you rarely see sports stars, it is a great opportunity.   I've had the pleasure of meeting Gordie Howe, Gilbert Perreault, Claude Lemieux, Kelly Gruber, Gillian Apps, and Phil Goyette.

6.  The more money you spend on food, the less money you can spend on cards!   :)