Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Fall Sports Card Expo

I'll be heading up to Toronto, Ontario for the 2010 Fall Sports Card Expo on Friday morning. As always, I'll be there for all three days. It's a great opportunity to meet other collectors, see other collections, and get those cards, boxes, and oddball items that are just about impossible to find elsewhere.

I think this will be my 6th Sports Card Expo in Toronto. I didn't make it there in May 2010 as it was a little too close to the expected birth date of my daughter. I figured it would be safest just to stay home. Hockey card collecting is important but my pregnant wife had top billing. Molly was born in June and all was good.

As always, I'll look into getting a few autographs as well. Jean Beliveau is returning so I might have to go see him again for an autograph. He's the classiest hockey player I've ever met and many people don't realize that he was almost the Governor General of Canada in the 1990's.

I normally have good luck pulling cards at the Expo and hope that this event will be no different. Having fun with the hobby is great but every now and then it's great to beat the odds and be the envy of everyone else.

Looking forward to three days in Hockey Card Heaven!