Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2012 Topps Archives - 1956 Relics Set Complete!

As I get closer to completing my low-grade 1956 Topps Baseball set, I thought the 2012 Topps Archives Baseball Relics set would be a nice addition to it.

Created in the same design as the classic vintage set, it includes some current players as well as some Hall of Famers including the great Roberto Clemente. Fittingly, it contains 56 cards with either jersey swatches or pieces from game-used bats.

Rarely do I attempt to complete insert sets. Often, the only sets which I complete are due to the fact that a single box includes all of the base cards in a set and it's just a matter of putting them in numerical order.

It's rewarding to find a design and subset that you like and then put the time and effort into finishing it. This 56-card set took me about two years to finish!