Friday, October 8, 2010

The Return of Hockey Cards

With the release of 2009-10 Upper Deck The Cup last week, I can now focus on the 2010-11 hockey card season. Although 2010-11 UD Victory has been released, it just isn't a new season until the final release of the previous season has hit the shelves. Technically, I could be wrong though as In The Game's 10th Edition of Ultimate could very well be listed as a 2009-10 product as the 9th Edition was stamped 2008-09. It will be released on November 11, 2010.

The big news this season is the return of many forgotten brands thanks to Panini. Although many collectors will never forget Score and Donruss due to over-production issues in the early 1990's, the retro feel will be too good to pass up. I'm really looking forward to 2010-11 Score. In 1990-91, I remember buying boxes for $25 and hoping for an Eric Lindros Future Superstar card. How times have changed.

I've had a great 2009-10 collecting season but I'm looking forward to a new one. John Tavares followed me around this past season but in other years it's been Andrew Alberts (05-06) or Vladimir Mihalik (08-09). Some years you're lucky, others you're not. I've learned to enjoy it regardless. The new rookies, the new designs, and the new products.

As a Habs fan, I'm hoping that PK Subban will follow me around this season... but I won't be terribly disappointed if I see some Edmonton Oilers Young Guns are I flip through my 2010-11 UD Series One.

Now if only they'd stop delaying products... 2010-11 UD Artifacts has already been pushed back to October 26th, 2010. Ugh!